August 18th double book launch at Paper Hound

August 18th 2016 Double Book Launch – The Eel (Guernica Editions) and Cendrars Speaks (Ekstasis Editions) Paper Hound bookstore, Vancouver, B.C.

Short-circuit in the rag-and-bone shopIn the shadow of the spiritual ruins of downtown Vancouver, where the night was once governed by brawling, and junkies and the high and mighty cavorted with the profanum, and the marriage between homo politicus and ignobile vulgus was consummated in most unholy and raw ways in the drinking parlours of the Main, the clubs of Hornby, and the pubs of Davie and Granville, amidst the savagery and raw cruelty of those nights, when sublime beauty could park itself at the barstool next to raw, animal barbarism, now decades later, a bookstore has emerged like a phoenix, and it is the rarest of pearls – a bookstore that actually is stocked with books that contain tales for rounders and reprobates – tales of life. A bookstore called Paper Hound.

Paper Hound was the venue for the double book launch of The Eel and Cendrars Speaks.

There have been reports of malfeasance committed at the gathering, but nobody should be surprised if and when the inner beast suddenly surges from a crowd of sclerotic mad-dogs already made ugly by birth and pedigree, and now fuelled by drink and the thirst for something real in a virtual universe. At any rate, I strictly deny the charges, putting any parties to the strict proof thereof and as they say in dubio pro scriptor, without prejudice etc etc.

Whoever tore the pages out of that First Edition of Seven Pillars of Wisdom and scrawled “fascist” on the dedicated volume of Tropic of Cancer should be drawn and quartered, but third party trespassers, like that stoop-shouldered anarchist who claimed to be my solicitor, trigger no personal liability. I’d never seen that Fisheries Agent before and I never took acid with that crazed doctor with the hookah. I’m a family man, decent for the most part, outside of my writing, and trying to keep some ideational order in the universe. I generally only throw shit when people offend me or insult my loved ones.