Dutch “Provo” Poet Hans Plomp reacts to “Leper Tango”


 “Leper Tango is a heady mix of Chandler, Miller, Breton and…MacKinnon.”

Hans Plomp, Poet & Pal of Ginsburg and the Beats, Dutch “Provo” activist,  whose performances alongside beat legends Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg and many others during their mythical 1982 US tour sparked a cover issue of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Books.  The “Nine Dutch Poets” anthology immortalized the pilgrimage of Plomp & his fellow poets, out to spread “the ‘peace virus’ known as HOLLANDITIS.”

Hans Plomp has written a “drug encylopedia” called “Uit je Bol” and continues to produce jazz, poetry and other contemporary happenings at the Ruigoord venue in Amsterdam, which he co-founded. He is also the driving force behind the “Burning Tongues” festival in Amsterdam.