“A VOLUNTARY CRUCIFIXION is worth finding, buying, reading and savoring. MacKinnon is an underappreciated gem who, in a perfect world, would be a household name, and for more than one reason. Make him one in yours.” Read more

Patrick Shannon, The Dalhousie Review of Books

“…the book is extraordinary. When it is not a call to action, it teems with so many clear-eyed, rude, and perspicacious observations that it recalls Swift’s admonition that we will know a genius among us by this sign: that all the dunces are in confederacy against him. Read more

“MacKinnon has carefully prepared the wall, knows his craft and his tools, and has done his work before the plaster has a chance to dry so that the colours are sure to take hold. His colourful story will last long after the dry work of most Canadian novels has dimmed and faded.” Read more